Mile Stones

Successfully achieved Synchronization of 1x500 MW FGUTPP, NTPC,  Unchahar on 31st Mar-2017

Successfully completed Gas-Turbine First Firing & Spinning @3000 RPM  was successfully completed at Bheramara  360 MW CCPP, L&T, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 29th  March-2017

Successfully achieved Synchronization of Unit # 1 at 2 X 660 MW NTPC,  Solapur Super Thermal  Power Plant on 25th Mar-2017

Successfully completed Initial Firing of Boiler U #1 at 4 x 660 MW Shuqaiq SSPP, HHI, KSA on  dated 25th Mar-2017

Successfully commenced Module erection, HRSG#11 at 1390 MW Waad Al Shamal ISCC Power Plant, ABENER , KSA on 19th  March-2017

Successfully completed COD  of Unit #1,  2x800 MW of  YTPS, Raichur, Karnataka  on 07th Mar -2017

Achieved milestone "Coal Firing of Unit # 5 " of 2 X 660 MW Chhabra Super Critical Thermal Power Plant, RRVUNL, Chhabra, Rajasthan on 25th Feb 2017


Completed Light -up of Boiler Unit #7 at RVUNL, Suratgarh, Rajasthan on 24th Feb 2017


Completed Generator Stator Lifting and placement of 2X660MW BHEL, Banharpalli on 31st Jan-2017


Completed  lifting of unit #1 Generator stator of 3X660MW BHEL, Nabinagar on 10th Jan-2017


Successfully Completed Hydraulic test at Bhutan 6 X 200 MW of BHEL, PHPA-1,Unit #1 on 06th Dec 2016

 Successfully completed Hydro Test for LP System of Boiler U #1 at 4 x 660 MW of SSP,Shuqaiq SSPP, K S A with "Zero Leak"  LP System with Pressure <96 bar> and <424.5 bar> on  12th & 15th of Dec 2016


Attained Full Load 523.8MW Unit # 1 of BHEL, Sagardigi, West Bengal  on 15th  Dec  2016.


Successfully completed Combined Hydrotest 3 X660 MW Boiler # 01 NPGCL of BHEL,  Nabinagar,   Bihar on 17th Dec 2016.


Successfully completed First Ceiling Girder of BHEL,  Neyveli, Tamilnadu  on  28th Dec 2016


Successful completion Initial Firing of Boiler U #3 at 4 x 660 MW of SSPP, Shuqaiq, K S A on dated 30th Nov 2016


Successful completion of Boiler # 4 Light-Up  4X500TPH of Dahej Thermax, Gujarat  on 27th Nov 2016


Successful Completion of Chimney Flue Cane Erection of total length 239mtrs of 1X500MW FGUTPP (STAGE-IV) of NTPC, Unchahar, U P on 31st  Oct  2016   


Successfully started Lube Oil flushing of  1X360MW of L&T, Bhermara CCPP, Bangladesh on  27th Oct  2016 


Successfully completion of Boiler Light Up of unit #2 2X300 MW of BGR, Navapara, Chattisgarh on 23rd Oct 2016


Successfully Completed Erection of H.P Drum (89 MT) 1X360MW of L&T, Bhermara CCPP, Bangladesh on  21st  Oct  2016 


Successful completion of Boiler # 3 Steam Blowing 4X500TPH of Dahej Thermax, Gujarat  on 16th  Oct 2016


Successfully Completed Stage#7 TG Deck Casting of 1090cum of 1X800MV of BHEL PSSR, Kothagudem, Telangana on 1st Oct 2016