Power Mech Projects


Industrial Construction

The Industrial Construction Business unit covers Erection, Testing and Commissioning(ETC) of Projects in Power, Oil&Gas, and Other Industrial and Non-Power Sectors. A Robust team Consisting of hundreds of experienced engineers, trained technicians and a huge workforce is solidly behind in executing projects works at blistering and precision.

In the power sector, the Company has executed ETC of coal-based power plants with complete boilers, turbines and generators (ETC-BTG) and balance of plant (BOP) works, for various sizes and scale – starting from subcritical to supercritical units and Ultra-Mega Power Plants. (UMPPs) with unit capacities ranging from 150 MW to 800 MW.

The Company provides integrated industrial construction services to gas-based power projects, HRSG, WHRB, CFBC boilers, steam turbine generators, steam generators including auxiliaries, ESPs, hydro turbines and BOP packages, including structural steelworks, ash handling, coal handling, fuel oil systems. SCR & FGD, Nuclear projects, and high-pressure piping works.

In Non-power sector, the Company is undertaking projects covering a range of industries including Hydrocarbon, Oil & Gas, Steel, etc. Recently in the steel sector, semi EPC kind of job is undertaken including supply and engineering.




Partnered in capacity addition of 68 GW to various grids globally. 58 GW of capacity was added to the domestic (Indian) grid and 9 GW of capacity to various grids in the Middle East & Africa.

Constructed India’s first 800 MW Supercritical Unit, CGPL(Tata), Mundra, Gujrat.

Executed India’s only two UMPPs, 5X800MW Mundra and 6X660 MW Sasan.

Constructed 28 Super Critical Boilers and 34 sub critical Boilers, 20 Super Critical STGs and 75 Sub-Critical STGs.

Executed more than 2.4 million Metric Tons of erection and 1.75 lacs MT of fabrication works.

Chhabra SCTPP – Ceiling girder block along with headers, roof panel of 3030 MT positioned in single lift.

Sasan UMPP – 34,000 MT of erection achieved in single year and 11,651 joints executed in a calendar month.