Power Mech Projects


Mission, Vision & Values


To be the best and most competitive industrial and infrastructure engineering, construction & services


To provide services with:

  • Highest levels of workmanship and exemplary speed by continuously enhancing organizational skill through innovation and teamwork.
  • Highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationship with our stakeholders and employees.
  • Remarkable planning & optimisation of resources in the pursuit of excellence



A duty delivered with passion surges past everything and people who are passionate shall be truly dedicated, hardworking and full of energy. We encourage and provide a platform on priority to those with passion.


A culture of continuous improvement in our products, processes and services through the strong work ethic and innovative spirit of our employees.


We create awareness among employees to own responsibility and never to pass the buck down the line. We appreciate our employees with accolades and rewards but also make them accountable, to the company as well as to the society as a good citizen.


We value every single word uttered to the clients as commitment and we stand by in true spirit with our hard and dedicated work.


We are convinced that learning is a never – ending process and the company has an edge over others in its hunger for learning and provides a good opportunity to employees to err, learn and develop.


For Power Mech, safety is the top most priority and for this we promote a remarkable health and safety culture based on innovative approaches and best practices across all entities.