Power Mech Projects


Overseas Business

Power Mech has entered the overseas market in the year 2000 by undertaking a number of Operation & Maintenance, Overhauling, Refurbishment and Rewinding works in running plants and started its first overseas branch in Dubai in the year 2013. Since then the company has established its global presence through branches, subsidiaries and JV’s in countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Nigeria.
A unique feature of Power Mech operating overseas is our uncompromising nature towards mobilising resources and executing projects with speed. Impeccable coordination among regional heads and human resources departments of various regions plays a vital role here. As a result of this, the use of various resources such as manpower, machinery, tools and plants is optimised to minimise any inefficiencies. Power Mech has strong local partners in all countries it operates and they are the backbone of our success.
Power Mech has a 100% branches in UAE and Bangladesh to take up projects in these regions. In UAE Power Mech is providing services to public utility firms such as Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), Shuweihat Power Complex etc.
Mas Powermech Arabia is a subsidiary of PMPL established in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with Mas Holding Group of Saudi Arabia. It is aimed at catering to the needs of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for providing services.
Power Mech Projects Ltd LLC is a subsidiary of PMPL established under the laws of the Sultanate of OMAN. PMPL LLC is established to cater to the requirements of the Sultanate of Oman.
GTA Power Mech Nigeria Ltd., a joint venture of PMPL and GTA, (100% subsidiary of Skipper Electricals Ltd) has been established in Nigeria to primarily undertake projects in the ECOWAS region of the African continent.


Executed volume of overseas operations covering power generation of almost 9GW.

We are one among the very few companies with ASME A, PP and R stamp and are actively using them in our business in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Accomplished Boiler #3 & #1 “Initial Firing” at 2640 MW Shuqaiq SSPP, KSA in the record time span of 17 months.

Erection of 144 lifts (4,492 MT) HRSG Harps consisting of 02 units in the record time span of 28 days at 250 MW CCPP Sabiya, Kuwait.

Accomplished 02 units Combined Cycle “Commercial Operation Date” at 1519 MW IBRI IPP, Oman in the record time span of 29 months.