Power Mech Projects



Power Mech has won its first MDO in January 2021 for exploiting a CCL mine located in Ramgarh and West Bokaro Districts, Jharkhand, India. The expected yielding capacity of this mine is 5 Million Tonnes per Annum. It has a net proved reserve of 250.391 MT and mineral reserves of 153.63 MT with strip ratio of 4.78. The contract period of operation of the mine is 25 years and its life expectancy is 33 years. Our contracted quantity and contracted OB are estimated at 104.90 MT and 535.2 9 MCuM respectively.
The mine development operation includes; excavation of earth and rock, separation of the ore from the waste rock, stacking and handling the waste material and monitoring all environmental aspects and providing supporting services including repair shops, labs, residential quarters, warehouses and offices.